can't copy and paste

I have a document in Devonthink - not indexed but I actually imported it - and when I copy text and paste it, I get this sort of thing:

34 9>4 04 :3/63:4 9>4 0/86B@3:4 6<4 8J34 $9<R3<869<4 9<4 8J34 Y6=J8:4 9>4 8J34 $J6@74 OJ6BJ4B9<>6/;48J084B6R6@4/6=J8:4=.0/0<* 83374 >9/4 U3R3/19<3V4 6<4 8J34 !<6R3/:0@4
b3B@0/0869<4 9>4 ].;0<4 Y6=J8:4 0<74 8J34 #<83/* <0869<0@4 $9R3<0<84 9<4 $6R6@4 0<74 a9@686B0@4 Y6=J8:4 7940??@14894BJ6@7/36/:84


Is it a PDF? If so, I’d say that’s a result of a terrible OCR or something similar at some point in time. I’ve had similar happen to me once or twice.

It is a PDF but it was working before. So it’s not a problem with OCR.

Does copying and pasting the text work when the PDF is opened outside of DEVONthink (e.g. in

Sometimes, OCRing an already-OCRd document can corrupt the text layer and yield gibberish like this. The PDF looks normal, but the text is gone.

It works fine when I open in preview, so thanks for the workaround. I dont have a problem with any other documents (so far) so hopefully it’s just an isolated case. Thanks.