Can't copy into Database

Have upgraded to DT 1.1 but now every time I add a file (say a PDF) it is being placed in the Files folder instead of being copied into the database file. How do I set this back to the way it was.

Hi, psmyth:

DT Pro 1.1 has simplified user options for capturing data as a first step towards version 2.0.

Previously, when you used File > Import > Files & Folders to import PDFs (or image or QuickTime media) you had three choices available in Preferences:

  • Link to the externally located PDF file;
  • Copy the PDF to the database; or
  • Copy the PDF to the database Files folder.

You also had a Preferences option to capture text via PDF+text, pdftotext or rich text. Choosing an option other than PDF+text resulted in externally linking to the PDF file rather than copying it to the database or to the database Files folder (even it one of the latter options had been selected).

Now when you use File > Import > Files & Folders (or drag & drop) your PDF (also postscript, image and QT files) will be imported into the database Files folder. That will also be true for “unknown” file types if you have checked the Preferences/General option to import them.

You will discover two advantages to the Files folder location of those file types:

  • The memory requirements for loading your database are lowered; and
  • Launching a PDF (or image, etc.) file from your database under its parent application, followed by editing and saving the file under the parent application) results in synchronizing to the displayed content in the database (next time that document is opened). Big advantage.

The other capture option is File > Index, which will result in text capture for readable file types (and external links for other file types but with zero text content), but always with an external link to the original file (which should not be deleted or have its Path broken, as either event would result in database data loss). Index importing has been improved and Phrase searches now work. For Index imported files, editing can only be done under the parent application, and synchronization of edit changes after saving a file is automatic.

In DT Pro 1.1 plain or rich text files that you create using Data > New are stored in the body of the database, as are all “text” files (plain, rich, HTML etc.) that are captured from the web or imported using File > Import > Files & Folders (or drag & drop). Those file types will move to the database Files folders when DT Pro 2.0 is introduced.

Where can we find a list in detail, such as this description by Bill, of all the changes in DTP 1.1?


The important changes are listed in the version history, see downloaded disk image.