can't Copy & Paste Files or Folders?

Can this be right? I’m using DEVONthink Pro 2.2 with OS X 10.7 and currently it seems I can Copy and Paste only content, at least from within DEVONthink. Command-C with whole files, groups of files, and folders leaves Paste disabled. (Switching to the Finder can Paste only files and multiple files; folders can’t be Copied then Pasted)

Drag-and-Drop works of course (with files and folders in any combination), but I was hoping to use Copy (or Cut) and Paste as a keyboard oriented alternative that happens to feel a little more comfortable than Move etc. (which requires deciphering a menu, where Cut & Paste calls only for determining a location).

Cut & Paste is such a basic, old function. Is it just too Neanderthal of me to miss it in its full form? :frowning:

Copy paste between DT and Finder, etc., isn’t possible.

Copy paste inside DT – perhaps this thread is helpful:


Thanks for the pointer. Good to know I wasn’t alone in wishing for the functionality. And now I have yet another reason to (eventually) learn Applescript. :slight_smile: