Can't copy text from email?

I’ve got a bunch of .eml files in DTPO after using the import email functionality. The view pane displays them fine but I can’t access anything within them. Links aren’t right-clickable, and I can’t highlight text to copy it. I know I can convert it to RTF but doesn’t it seem weird that I can’t even select and copy text from an email?

There is a Text View/Preview icon in the Navigation bar that lets you toggle between both modes in DTPO.

That option doesn’t seem to exist in DT Pro (w/o Office). However, you can “Open in Mail” (open in external app) and at least copy text that way. However all of the “Convert” functions in DTPro are grayed out, so I seem to be stuck with a non-editable, non-copyable version within DT itself.

The navigation bar and the ‘Text’ button cited by Greg Jones do exist in DT Pro and DT Pro Office. In the Three Panes view they are directly above the pane in which the email is displayed.

I’m sorry, but I guess I’m being incredibly dense, because I don’t see (or recognize) what you’re talking about.

When I import an email message from Mail, either by dragging or by AppleScript, I get a DT object of Kind ‘elm’ and a log message saying “Unknown format”. In the 3-pane view, the bar directly above the pane which displays the email text has buttons with the following ToolTips:

Go Back
Go Forward
Reload/Stop Reloading
(a URL)
Show/Hide Tags

What am I missing? Thanks!

BTW: this is DTPro 2.0 on OS X 10.6.2.

I don’t think you are missing anything. The icons in the Navigation bar are dynamic, depending on what type of document is selected. A PDF document will include a page count/current page (2/3), Go to next page, etc. For the documents that have Quick Look and DTP(O) can interpret, there is a Text View/Preview icon. In DTP, this includes HTML documents, iWork and Office documents, etc. It’s been a long time since I used anything other than DTPO, but I don’t remember that DTP includes support for a text view of eml documents. The additional support for importing and working with emails is the primary reason that I upgraded from Pro to Pro Office.

I think you’re right, despite rumors to the contrary :slight_smile:

Here’s what I see, and it doesn’t include the button you indicated (among others):
Screen shot 2010-03-11 at 6.53.03 AM.png