Can't create Markdown note x-devonthink:// URL command

Hi there,

I’ve read the help page titled “URL commands” and attempted to create a new markdown document using the following URL:


It launches DEVONthink Office Pro, but nothing is added to my Global Inbox (interestingly, I’ve had success modifying the URL to createText and that DOES work).

I’ve tried the exact same createMarkdown URL on my iPhone with DEVONthink To Go 2, and it works flawlessly. Is this a bug, or is there a change I can make to my URL to make this work?

Getting the same non-result on the desktop. The x-devonthink://createMarkdown action causes the group selector to open (I have DEVONthink configured to ask for destination on inbound clippings), populates the title correctly in Group Selector, then DEVONthink emits the “bonk” sound and nothing happens.

The command requires currently a location parameter, it supports only clipping of web pages. But the next release will improve this.