Can't create new database in 2.0 demo

Have never had this problem before, but after installing demo (tried both DT Office and Office Pro) I can’t create a new database and can’t open my existing databases. Tried restarting, re-installing but nothing seems to work.

Would like to use demo before deciding whether to stick with Pro or upgrade to Pro Office. I appreciate any help or advice.

If you have been using the application unregistered during the public beta period, you can go to the Support page and request a 30-day demo license for the version 2.0 application.

Of course, if during the demo period you decide not to purchase registration, you can select all the contents of each of your databases and export them to the Finder, so that you have retained full access to all the document files within those databases. Even if you had not exported the content, it will be available within the database ‘files.noindex’ folder, although not with the organizational structure you had given to the database.

Suppose that you had been using the public beta of DT Pro Office, but decide that you only wish to purchase registration for DT Pro 2.0. No problem; you can access your databases with DT Pro 2.0.

Or suppose you were to decide that you only wish to purchase registration for DT Personal. First, export your DT Pro Office database(s( to the Finder, then Import it/them into DT Personal 2.0.