Can't delete trash

I have 312 files in the trash that won’t delete. I can move these files to the different Db trashcans, or into another Db, but no matter what I do, I can’t delete them. How can I get rid of these files?

By “delete” do you mean that you used File > Empty Trash, and the files were not flushed to the System Trash?

EDIT: Oops! The Empty Trash command is an option revealed by clicking the app name in the menubar.

Yes, but I’m not using File > Empty Trash.

The files are in the Trash, underneath the Global Inbox. I right-click on it (Trash) and select “empty trash,” but nothing happens.

In the Trash, I see the Trashcans for the individual databases. I can move those files into any of the trashcans, but I can’t “Empty Trash” on any of them. I can delete other files, though.

Not sure if it makes a difference, but the files are all contained inside a group, and the group is within the Trash.

Have you tried simply emptying the cache

DevonthinkPro Office > Empty Cache

The try to delete the trash using by pressing down the Shift Cmd and Enter buttons at the same time.

Yes, tried emptying cache and the Shift-Cmd-Enter is working like a regular enter (or return) and allows for changing the name of whatever is highlighted.

Under the DEVONThink Pro menu item, it shows that the key combo for Empty Trash is Shift-Cmd-Delete. I’ve also tried emptying the trash using that menu item. None of it is having any effect on those trash items.

All of these files are contained within a group. I moved this group to a database and checked to see if it was locked; it’s not. I then deleted them and they were moved to the trash again. Tried Empty Trash, confirmed warning dialogue, but they did not get deleted.

When I open the groups to a file and Show in Finder, it shows that the file is located in the Database (where it originally existed). I have no idea if that helps or not.

I found out what the issue was.

These files were locked within DTP. I had checked their locked status from within Finder, but not within DTP.

Thanks for the help!

perfect. helped me, too. THANKS!