Can't Dt find a string within a string without a wildcard?


I’ve encountered odd (erroneus?) behaviour in Search.

I have two PDF documents titled ‘Varma työeläkeote 2005’ and ‘Varma työeläkeote 2012’ and an enclosing group called ‘Työeläkeotteet’. The string ‘työeläke’ appears in both documents in many instances as a part of a compound word like ‘työeläketurva’, ‘työeläkevakuutusyhtiö’ etc. However, the string ‘työeläke’ alone appears only in the ‘Varma työeläkeote 2005’ document.

When I enter into the Search field ‘työeläke’ (without the quotes) Dt only finds one of the documents: ‘Varma työeläkeote 2005’. When I enter ‘työeläke*’ it founds both of the documents and the group. (I have chosen ‘Search for: All’; ‘Comparison:’ has both ‘Ignore Diacritics’ and ‘Fuzzy’ ticked. Other selections are ‘All’.)

Is this the expected behaviour? Can’t Dt find strings inside strings without wild card? Do the Finnish characters ‘ä’ and ‘ö’ have any bearing in this? What about the selections ‘Ignore Diacritics’ and ‘Fuzzy’?

For comparison: Spotlight finds all the items without any wildcards and this is what I expected from Dt, too.