Can't edit PDF in RSS feed


I was wondering if it’s only me or I can’t edit files(PDF in this case) that is in a RSS Feed? I usually have to open in an external app to do such a thing.

I would like to highlight the articles of RSS feed as I read but It doesn’t allow me to change anything on PDF/Rich Text etc

Thank you!

From your capture it seems the record is locked.

Use Inspector > General > Marks or menu Data > Mark > As locked to unlock it.

Do you mean using an RSS feed in DEVONthink with the capture method set to PDF using the clutter-free option in Preferences > OCR?

@pete31 the file is unlocked so it didn’t work :confused:

@BLUEFROG what I mean is I have a DEVONThink feed, e.g.

The documents in this feed are PDF clutter-free layout

However the PDF aren’t editable in DEVONThink, only in external apps. This might be happening because it is a RSS feed?

EDIT: If I move from the RSS to another group it allows me to highlight the PDF

Items inside feeds aren’t editable.

It is possible with DTTG.

Are there any technical reasons why this is not possible? For me I have to copy every item from the RSS feed to another folder (automatically) to work with them and prevent spending time for double reading (1st to check if it is worth, 2nd to highlight relevant text).

DEVONthink To Go does not support live RSS feeds so the feed is just acting as a group. That is not the case in DEVONthink.

Thanks for clarification.

For now I move all pdf-file from the RSS feed via smart rule to the Input folder. That worked for me.