Can't empty trash !

Hi !

I’m using the latest version of DTP (so 2.0 b5), and I have a problem with the trash : when I try to empty it, the application crashes. Here’s the report, if it can help…

Could it be related to the multiplication of inboxes I had until I found a solution in the forum ? Maybe I should say I synchronise everything with Dropbox, so my Inbox.dtbase is in the dropbox folder, as well as everything that’s supposed to be in my library. Everything works well between my to Mac, except the emptying of trash…

Thanks for your help !

A quite similar issue on my side.
Emptying the trash lasts a quite long time (up to 2 mns tough few documents within). Then, back from the operation, the app DTP seems to be completely frozen. The selection of a folder or a document lasts a very long time (up to 3 mn.) and some parts of the screen, such as the toolbar icons or the sidebar, disappear and change gradually to a grey-blue color.
I checked the monitor at that specific moments: global used CPU does not exceed 1/3 of the global CPU capacity - DTP CPU does not exceed 3 or 4% - about 1,2 Go RAM is available.

And this is permanent until I quit (& restart) the application. Never noticed that behaviour in the prior Béta 4 version.
Thank you for your investigation.

Try to repair the database. If that won’t fix the problem, rebuild it.

Database repaired. Seems to work better now.
Thank you Christian!

Thanks for your answer !

I tried to repair the database, but it only found that the files which are supposed to be in trash aren’t on the harddrive (missing file).

So I supposed I should rebuild the database. But it has become quite big (more than 2 gb) and I don’t want to lose everything (I’m in the middle of hard work with it). Should I wait, or is there no risk ?

I’d suggest to create a copy of the database in the Finder, then rebuild the copy (e.g. over night) and check that everything’s fine.

As I sync everything with Dropbox, I just figured out that I already have two copies, and I also have Time Machine…

So I repaired the database, and I managed to empty trash. So thank you very much for your answer !

And by the way, thanks for DTP itself, it’s so useful for my researches… Well, just thanks ! :slight_smile: