Can't Find Scanner

Hello, new to DTPO2 (did I get that right) and attempting a paperless office. I have a Canon MX860 scanner (in addition to some older Brother and Canon scanners.) I’ve successfully scan using the Canon software to PDF and then imported into DTPO2, however, I have lots of old documents and receipts and think a better workflow would be to stay inside DT. The scanner is connected via wireless to my network (I can go USB if absolutely necessary but would rather not). If I open Image Capture, it is listed as a TWAIN Data source and I can scan using Image Catpure.

Why can’t I see this scanner in DTPO2 though I can in Image Capture and Canon software? Does have something to do with the WiFi connection?

Do I “loose” anything by scanning outside of DTPO2 and then importing (quality, time, workflow, etc.)?


  • John

You should be able to set up DEVONthink as the destination for the scans and then you shouldn’t lose anything.