Can't find search prefix for group when I search 1- first for a group 2- when the group is found search for an item

I can’t find a search prefix like gr: or group: which would allow me to first search for a group and than search for a specific item using name: or text: etc

Please note that I know kind:group followed by name: for the name of the group, but that’s not what I want.

thanks in advance for your time and help

Did you have a look at the advanced search? This provides all the necessary options and automatically updates the toolbar search term, e.g. to easily look up the syntax.

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I read Help→ Search Prefixes. I don’t want to have to click around in advanced search. I want to type my search in the DevonThink simple search box. So if I understand there is no such thing as group: as a search prefix when I am looking for an item ?

My proposal was just to easily look up the right search term that way, even I can’t remember all the prefixes and simply use the advanced search to look them up that way whenever necessary :astonished: :smile:

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thank you for your reply
I am surprised. Unless there is something that I don’t understand

  • advanced search does not have Live while typing which for me is essential and allows me to adjust my search on the fly.
  • once again even with advanced search, I can’t quickly progress from search for a group to searching for an item within that group.

Again, you don’t have to use this regularly, only when you can’t remember the syntax. And as already mentioned, updating the advanced search updates the toolbar search term and vice versa (and also the search results).


OK. thank you Chrisitan.