Can't find the duplicates that Filter Duplicates is finding

The Filter Duplicates smart rule has identified 4 documents that are duplicates. In the database / folder where they are, they don’t appear to be duplicated. How do I find where both duplicates are located?

Have you checked the Instances dropdown in the Info inspector?

Clicked on the first one, get info, and instances. The remaining 3 show up as the instances and they are all in the same folder.

They have different filenames and different contents, so it appears that the duplicate determination is having an issue.

Is Preferences > General > Stricter recognition of duplicates enabled or not?

It is currently disabled. If I enable it, they still show up as duplicates (perhaps the duplicate check isn’t refreshing)

Does a restart of the app fix this? Both smart groups and the view use the same test which is not cached.

It appears that setting Stricter recognition on and then waiting / restarting makes the duplicate list go away.

Thanks Jim et al!

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