Can't get a database to sync with iPhone?

Longtime DEVONthink Pro user on Mac (10+yrs), currently v3.8.7. Installed DTTG on my iPad 4yrs ago and sync between the MacAir laptop and iPad seamlessly - works flawlessly. Now using DTTG v 3.6.2. Sync happens via DropBox.

Thought I would add DTTG to my iPhone 13 to have all my data with me all the time. But I can only get half-way there, meaning only 1 of my 2 databases will install/sync on the iPhone.

Database #1 is 8GB and syncs/works well on the iPhone. Database #2 is 18.5GB and just can’t get it to load onto the iPhone. It tries, I see frequent messages about “Downloading items from SyncStore . . .” but it goes for 5-10minutes, then just drops, and nothing is there. Thought I might be exceeding memory capacity of iPhone but Settings / General / iPhone Storage shows only 76GB of 128GB is used, so I’m assuming there’s room for 128-76 = 52GB of free capacity. So my 18.5GB Database#2 should fit easily there. But just can’t get it to sync. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Tim

first idea, do a verify and repair on that problem database

second idea and others have to step in on this one as I’m not sure, maybe to do an initial sync more space than in the database needed. or something like that. maybe try to maybe copy and split the data base in two and try again.

Have you always used Dropbox as the sync method, or is this a recent change?

Always used Dropbox, and has worked well. Thanks, Tim

Here’s a screenshot of my phone just before the sync disappears. It gets almost 3/4 of the way to filling up the icon, then disappears, and no data has transferred to the phone

This has happened about a dozen times.
I did perform a Verify Database on the subject database - both quickly and thoroughly options. Did not help. Should I try the Clean option? Thanks, Tim

Recommend you review the “Sync Issues” in the “Troublehooting” chapter of the outstanding “DEVONthink Manual”. Or same content in “Help”.

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You are referring to verifying the sync location, not the database. Check the database.

In DEVONthink, select the database, then choose File > Verify & Repair. What is reported in Window > Log?

I did Verify & Repair on the problem database. Seems to be OK, see Window Log:

But I also get many of these Log entries:

showing “. manifest missing of database Paperless DTPro” which is the problem database. What might this indicate? Thanks, Tim

You have missing transactional sync data and need to clean it and resync.

Select the sync location.
Control-click the database in the databases list on the right, and choose Clean Database.
After the clean has been successfully reported in Window > Log, enable syncing the database again.

Followed the Clean Database instructions you provided, after about 30 min this was in the Window Log:
Database “Paperless DTPro” successfully cleaned. Tried to sync again, same results - nothing seen in database on iPhone. I get this message in the iPhone log: Insufficient disk space to import database.

but as originally stated iPhone Storage shows only 76GB of 128GB is used, so I’m assuming there’s room for 128-76 = 52GB of free capacity. So my 18.5GB Database#2 should fit easily there.

Any suggestions for next action? Thanks, Tim

See my suggestion above re splitting the file and doing one half at a time

Despite your computations I suspect available space on iPhone is insufficient. A different alogrithm to computer needed space needed, probably.

Alternatively find a way try on a phone with much more free space.

On DEVONthink To Go’s databases screen, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!

Thanks, done.