can't get alias field in Info panel to work

I am trying to get to grips with a feature I have left unused so far, namely aliases in the Info panel.

Unless I got it all wrong, the manual states that I should be able to use “test” (without the quotes) in addition to its name but I cannot get a smart group to find this dummy document at all.
What am I doing wrong, how do aliases work?


PS: I find the term “alias” highly confusing and idiosyncratic because this term is already established for a text file redirecting requests to a new location in the file system, which is not what we are talking about here. Searching for aliases (including on this site) turns up advice on how to set up aliases to other folders etc mostly, i.e. the “other” meaning of alias.

The alias field is useful when WikiLinks is turned on, to allow linking to a document under the alias name instead of the document Name.

See “Info panel” in Help or in the user documentation PDF.