Can't get Download Manager window to open

Is there a known bug where the Window > Download Manager menu item opens the registration dialog instead of the Download Manager window? I can also choose to “Add Link to Downloads” and the registration dialog opens. The app is registered, and I’ve even removed my license and successfully re-added it to see if it fixes some invisible registration problem, but it doesn’t fix anything. I’m running DT 3.8 on Big Sur 11.6.1.

I’m assuming you are running the Standard edition, rather than Pro or Server. I’m also assuming that in the preferences you have selected Show features of higher editions in General/Appearance. The Download Manager is an exclusive feature of the Pro and Server versions; see here.

If you are unsure, the edition you have registered is shown when you select DEVONthink 3/About DEVONthink 3; the info window contains the line “Registered xxx edition to your name”.

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Do you use the Standard edition? This feature is limited to the Pro/Server editions.

Bingo :slight_smile: Yep, Standard Edition. I used to have the Pro version, but with the update to DT3 being same the app for all versions, I probably chose the Standard version when I did the upgrade. Thanks :slight_smile:

To the best of my knowledge you can upgrade to Pro without any financial penalty - so the cost of Standard + the cost of upgrade = the cost of Pro. So if you do need the functionality of Pro, you won’t have lost anything by initially going with Standard. Updates are done via your account at DEVONtech.