Can't get Office Server to work

Mac Lion Os X. There was a problem last year with server working on it. I’m guessing it’s resolved by now and yet nothing I do works. “Page not found” every time.

Maybe I’m using the wrong kind of user and password. Are they the ones from my FTP? Are they made up just for accessing Office Server?

Can anyone point me to details about how to set up the server. I’m stumped.


Jeremy Sherman

The server has its own settings tab in DEVONthink’s preferences. Set up your user and password for the server there.

In addition to Greg’s advice, note that File > Database Properties > Share Database > Yes (i.e., selected) must also be set for each database that you want to be available in the server. Else, the database will not appear. There are various reasons for “not found” – including that the document doesn’t exist in the database or is not located at the indexed place where DEVONthink expects to find the document. Check out DEVONthink first – be sure the document actually exists or is indexed correctly. If problems persist, I’d suggest taking relevant screen shots and sending them to support.

Sorry for being so dense. Still having trouble so I welcome more ideas.

Clicking on the local addresses the data base does show up. But not

I take it “User” and “Password” are optional, just ways to lock the site if I want to. Is that right? I’ve said yes to share in Database properties.

Any other ideas very welcome as I’m currently stumped.


Well, that link doesn’t work over here either, FWIW. Is that the base domain + port where you want to expose the server on the internet? Have you enabled sharing in System Preferences > Sharing?

There are quite a few approaches to sharing your computer on the internet. But, basically, the DEVONthink server is not exposed on the internet unless your machine is exposed on the internet - which is a separate configuration process from what DEVONthink’s Preferences > Server handles. Use “Advanced Search” on this forum to find numerous threads on internet sharing + DEVONthink server.

Nothing I’m trying is working and I can’t figure out why. Some basic answers please if you can give them to me:

  1. Does it matter what Bonjour name I give the file?

  2. Are the usernames and passwords optional protections or do they refer to something specific I have to retrieve from somewhere, like my ftp user and password?

  3. Is there something server-side I should try unlocking or configuring? That is, will my server just automatically receive and send the shared database or do I need to make it receptive to doing so?



Are you trying to share DEVONthink on a local network – or are you trying to share it on the internet? It makes a difference.

If you are trying to share DEVONthink on the internet, then you first need to share your machine on the internet using System Preferences > Sharing

Not as long as it’s a valid name – stick to common characters and numbers.

FTP (and your FTP password) has nothing to do with DEVONthink sharing. Username and password are optional - but strongly advised if you are sharing your database on the internet.

“server-side” “my server” – are you running a web server? Sorry, but the configuration you’re working with isn’t clear from your questions. Just to say it - if you enable sharing for your machine in System Preferences and then activate the DEVONthink server, it really does “just work”. :frowning:

I was a fool. My error was my misreading of the Domain option under server preferences. I interpreted as asking for my online domain rather than my computers domain.

Thanks for your help. It’s working well now.