Can't highlight PDFs in DT's viewer after editing them in Sk

I’ve noticed that, if I open a PDF in Skim (my favorite PDF viewer), make some annotations (e.g. highlighting) and then save, I can’t then make any edits to the PDF if I open it in DT. I can still select text, but all the annotation buttons are grayed out. Is there a way around this?


PDF files containing Skim annotations are read-only as Skim annotations are not standard PDF annotations, meaning that any editing by DEVONthink would wipe out the Skim annotations.

If you wish to make Skim annotations available in DT for editing you can export it from Skim using File > Export > PDF With Embedded Notes (in Skim). This creates a copy of your document that is editable in DT. Later, if you want to return to editing your annotations in Skim, then open the PDF there and then use File > Convert Notes… to change the PDF annotations created/edited in DT back to Skim notes.

Thanks korm, works nicely.