Can't import mail after updating to DTPO 2.4.2

on import/mail I get the following message:

Couldn’t access mail in Apple Mail

I’m running DTPO 2.4.2 and 6.0

Any suggestions???

I can capture messages from Mail here, running DEVONthink Pro Office 2.4.2, Mail 6.0, OS X 10.8.1.

Try a restart of your computer. Then launch DEVONthink Pro Office and run the Install Add-Ons procedure, including the procedure to install the Mail plugin. Can you capture email then?

I tried all those ideas. No success. I’m reinstalling DTPO. We’ll see how that goes…

It didn’t work for me the first time either. I closed mail and re-installed the Add-On and this time it worked.

OS X: 10.8.1
DTPO: 2.4.2