Can't import password protected pdf files

Since I’ve upgraded to Snow Leopard, I can’t import password-protected PDF files into DT. The existing PW-protected files are OK, and I can open them, but I can’t add new ones.

This is with version 1.9 Personal edition. I hoped version 2 would work. I just downloaded it and tried to no avail. In fact, the existing PW-protected files failed the import into the version 2 copy.

Any ideas?

Could you send examples to cgrunenberg - at - Thank you!

You can buy Ovis’ PDF-DocPro or PDF-Recovery to remove Master Passwords in protected PDF. … c9e149d023

Worked for me.

The next beta will support protected files on Snow Leopard again.

A less expensive option to unlock PDF’s (if that is all you need to do) is PDFKey Pro. I have used this for several years without ever having a problem or a PDF it couldn’t unlock. Responsive developer also.