"Can't import PDF document at location"

I recently upgraded the memory on my main Mac and now can’t get the PDF document to automatically drop into the file as it has in the past. I’m NOT a techie and did not install our Devon ThinkPro but use it all the time. I assume this is related to upgrading my Mac? I would appreciate some advice!

(more details):
My ScanSnap is scanning…but once scanned,
Here is the prompt that I receive:
OCR status
“Can’t import PDF document at location: My ScanSnap>Personal>Medical” (because I was scanning a medical record)

It’s possible that a RAM chip wasn’t seated properly or that the chip is faulty. But I’ll assume that’s not your problem.

From your post it sounds like ScanSnap Manager is configured to save the scanner output as PDF to a Finder folder, My ScanSnap>Personal>Medical.

Are you using DEVONthink Pro Office, and if so are you sending the output file to DT Pro Office for OCR, or are you using another OCR application?

I am using Devon think PRO Office for OCR
Version 1.5.4 (do I possibly need an upgrade?)…even though it was completely fine before I increased my memory on the computer.