Can't Import PDF into DevonThink

I haven’t used DevonThink for a while, so I may be overlooking something obvious, but…

When attempting to drag a PDF document into DT (version 1.9.9), all I get is an error beep. Dragging onto the “Groups” floating window doesn’t work either. Just a beep. Dragging a PDF document onto the DT icon in the Dock also fails–no beep, but nothing happens other than bringing the DT window to the front. Likewise, going through the File > Import > Files & Folders menu yields no joy. The PDF can be selected in the dialog box, but nothing is imported. Additionaly, dragging an “alias” of the PDF likewise fails.

And yes, “PDF & Postscript domuments” IS selected in the Import pane in Preferences. Also the result is the same whether I use PDFKit (Tiger) or pdftotext.

All suggestions are appreciated! Thanks.

Larry Quinlan

Here’s my standard first question to anyone who reports trouble with PDFs:

Have you installed ShapeShifter on your computer?

If so, remove it. It is doing bad things to your operating system.

The number of PDF/PostScript documents & images in a Personal database is limited, therefore you might check this via File > Database Properties.