Can't install Mail bundle w/2.0 Beta

I am having a problem that others appear to have had in previous versions, but not this one that I can find.

When I install the addons, I get the following message:

Please check your write permissions and the amount of free space in your home “Library/Mail/Bundles” folder.

ls -la shows that I have write permissions on this folder:

drwxr-xr-x+ 6 wolfjo wolfjo 204 Jan 12 20:23 Bundles

Indeed, the following is created in the Bundles folder:


but there is nothing in it. I tried copying the contents from another machine, but this workaround didn’t work.

Any ideas why this won’t install, or how to get around it?

Thanks for any help - love the new version.


The “+” at the end indicates that an ACL is set for that folder as well, that’s probably the one that prevents you from creating new files in there. You should check and set that you can create new files in there or remove the ACL completely.