Can't install Mail plugin

This is what I’m getting. I have the newest versions of Mail and MacOS:

“Couldn’t move previous version of the plugin to the Trash. Please check your write permissions in your Home/Library/Mail/Bundles Folder.”

I do have read/write permissions.

Is full disk access enabled for DEVONthink Pro Office?

I’ll have to check when I return home. This is the first time installing a plug-in was an issue. Unless, at some point, a DT update disabled that option.

That was it. Full Disk Access is enabled now.
With that, how do I archive individual email messages into DT? Is that done through Mail?
Drag and Drop seems to work just as good.

Drag and drop is certainly a viable method for importing individual emails.

With the Apple Mail plugin, you can also select emails and choose Message > Add to DEVONthink Pro Office in Mail. There is also a menu item in the Mailbox menu.

And you can also use File > Import > Email in Pro Office to import emails or archive a mailbox.

Strange, but I’m not seeing any of those options you mentioned in Mail but in the “Install Ad Ons” I am told that the Mail Plugin is installed.

Ha. I went into Mail Prefs and found I had to actually enable the Plug In. All is good.