Can't license DEVONagent Express


Just updated to DEVONagent Pro 3.11.2. Unfortunately I found no way to license the DEVONagent Express application.

What’s wrong?



Welcome @CoolMa7

There is nothing wrong. DEVONagent Express is also the menubar extra in DEVONAgent Pro, i.e., it needs no separate license since it’s part of the app.

DevonAgent Express tells me it is not registered. In the menu there is an item “Buy License”.

Then that is not the bundled menu extra. It is a separate version you have downloaded and installed.

Delete it and open the bundled application by pressing Start in DEVONagent’s Preferences > Menu Extra.

Oh, Thank you, you were right. I did install the separate version of DEVONagent Express, I deleted it and clicked the “Start” in the Extra Menu of DEVONagent Pro as advised.

Now the DEVONagent Express don’t want an extra license.