Can't move a document from the inbox to another folder (DT Pro Office 2.11.3)

Some of my documents that reside currently in the Inbox folder I can’t move to a different folder. They are not tagged yet. Any tips how to resolve this?

Anything logged to Window > Log panel?

It says FILE STILL PENDING, wasn’t aware of that…, what does it mean?

The contents of the file haven’t been downloaded yet from the sync location (e.g. if it’s an indexed item and synchronizing of indexed items is disabled on one of the computers). Are you able to download the file, e.g. via File > Download Pending Items?

Have tried that, does not download. Any settings I need to change?

Are you indexing files on a machine, then syncing without synchronizing the contents of indexed items?

That’s how my settings look like currently.

Is the pending file one you captured in DEVONthink To Go?

Could be, I don’t recall this exactly.