Can't OCR a PDF - menu items inactive

Hi, I have a PDF that I send directly from Pages to DT via the PDF print dialog. It arrived in DT as “PDF-Document” (note: no text), which struck me as weird already. When I tried to OCR it, all “convert to” entries in the popup menu where grayed out.
I then exported the file, opened it in Preview and send it to DT from there (with the sharing menu). This second version is PDF+Text (so no need to OCR), but it has the exact same size.
Is this a known phenomenon or perhaps some kind of glitch?

The menu Data > OCR or Data > Convert? Was anything logged to Windows > Log?

sorry, the context menu “OCR” is grayed out as well as “Data/OCR”. In Data/Convert, only Webarchive, HTML and PDF (paginated) are available.
Nothing is logged (rather: Nothing related to this file). However, I didn’t check when I sent the PDF from Pages to DT – that was on another machine which is turned off now.

Working here with a Pages template file printed to PDF into DEVONthink…

I’m sure that’s how it usually works. Therefore I was puzzled and decided to raise the issue here. If anybody wants to check with my document, I can e-mail it.

Start a support ticket and please compress and include the PDF and the original Pages document. Thanks.