Can't open Anymore my DB :/

Hello …
I Do a DB with 40-50 Movies (.AVI , .MOV , .MKV) it’s a 60 GO File.
Suddendly i can’t open anymore my DB ( for me i didn’t do nothing special , but may be i didn’t réalise i do it … )

  • with double click : That launch the DB , But i DVT : Nothing.
  • with my old Macbook i have a message of Wrong Icloud Password

What can i do , i’m very worry to redo , and re lost the job

Have of course have a very nice 2021 Year : ALL :slight_smile:

Where is the database stored? On iCloud by any chance? I ask as you mentioned something about a wrong password. Take a peek on Page 12 of the Manual (and in Help) the note about putting DEVONthink databases in a cloud-synced folder.

Saddly the DB is on a External HDD (SSD)

Is anything logged to Windows > Log? Does it work after rebooting the computer and/or copying the database to the internal disc?

10:38:11: /Volumes/SSD-DATA-VID/VIDEO.dtBase2 Database volume was unexpectedly unmounted by Time Machine, the database will be closed.

(thnks for the tips)

Which versions of DEVONthink and of macOS do you use?

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OSX 11.1
DVT 3.6.1

Thanks for Help

Did you unplug the SSD while it was still in use?

Yes (Certainly) , cause i have Individual Switch On/Off for my SSD ://///

This is definitely not recommended, the database should be closed and the volume unmounted in the Finder before unplugging or switching off the SSD. Did you try to copy the database to the desktop as suggested?

Have you tried deactivating TimeMachine, or excluding your external HDD from being used or backed up by TimeMachine (try both measures)?

The error message is probably incorrect as this issue was usually caused by Time Machine on Catalina in earlier versions of DEVONthink 3 but that’s not the case anymore.

not yet i will trey Now

Hello :& Thanks Blanc.
I don’t use TimeMachine , i use CCC

well, that certainly confirms @cgrunenberg’s suspicion that the error message is erroneous.

Hello again and thanks for all your help

  • i Clear the Log window , since i clear , each launch of the DB , do not open the DB in the Apllication : But Log Windows still empty …

  • I copy the File from external HDD

    • to Desktop (problem with icloud) Not Better
    • to a (local) HDD Directory : Not Better
    • I try From the external to a internal folder ; Not better

Log Windows still Blank :confused:

Stating the obvious, but could you get a backup from CCC?

Thks for the idea but i didn’t Backup this HDD Drive :confused: (murphy law … ^^)

Find , could be usefull for Other :

What’s the extension of the database? .dtSparse or .dtBase2? In the second case you could try this:

  1. Select the database in the Finder, choose “Show Package Contents” in the contextual menu
  2. Copy (!) the most recent Backup folder to the desktop
  3. Copy (!) the Files.noindex folder into the copied (!) Backup folder
  4. Add the file extension .dtBase2 to the Backup folder

Now you should be able to open the copied Backup folder by double-clicking on it. Afterwards use File > Verify & Repair Database (or even better, use File > Verify & Repair Database and File > Rebuild Database…) to ensure that everything’s fine.

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