Can't open PDF in RTFD note


First, i’m new to Devonthink. Coming from Evernote.

I converted many notes to Devonthink and some of them I kept as RTFD because I couldn’t open PDFs in a Formatted Note on the desktop.
Now started to sync everything thru iCloud - Cloudkit.
The PDFs appear on the iPhone or iPad as a blank file, just a “white sheet of paper”. Cant send to other app to open or anything.

Is there a solution to this?


Welcome to better software :grin:

It’s possible somebody else will respond, but I actually don’t understand what you’re saying :see_no_evil: That may well be due to a lack of knowledge on my side - what you’re saying may be perfectly clear to somebody else. However, whilst we’re waiting for that person to come along::

Pardon? Has your export from EN placed PDFs into RTFDs and formatted notes?

Which PDFs?