Can't open PDFs in DevonThink to Go, synced from DT3 OSX

I have imported my files from bear in the RTF Format. Everything seems ok in osx. now, the entries do not open correctly in DevonThink to Go. There is only a white icon, that I can not open as pdf. Any hints?

Why would an RTF open as a PDF?


Welcome @dzu24

Please clarify the situation. Just like @chrillek, I’m a bit confused too.

Sorry, of being not clear enough. I have exported all my notes from bear as RTF (with option “incl. Attachments”). So the Import into DT worked perfect. Entries without attachments as RTF and the import with attachments/pics as RTFD (Rich Text with Attachments). On the other side, in the DTTG App, the entries with attachments have the same size but are mentioned as RTF entries. The content is therefore not the same. There is no possibility to open these attachments like in DT, just a blank icon without options

Afaik, DTTG does not support RTFD.

Actually, it does since our new text editor was introduced.

@dzu24: On DEVONthink To Go’s databases screen, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!