Can't open this url in Devon Think Pro…or Agent !!!

Why can’t i open this url :

in the integrated browser ?

I have the return message :

“[An error occurred processing this directive]”

Any clues


Although DEVONagent has a more fully-featured browser than DT Pro, both are based on Apple’s WebKit browser tools. So you will occasionally run into a Web URL that requires more capability for handling javascript, etc.

It’s not a DT Pro or DEVONagent bug, just limitations in the Webkit browser code. Both browsers can access the TidBITS main Web site with no problem, and can navigate to the discussion topic posts such as the one you listed. But not from your example URL. :slight_smile: But Safari can access that page.

I have DEVONagent set as my default browser, and do most of my Web captures from the DT Pro browser. I use a large collection of bookmarks of scientific journals, governmental agencies, etc. from which I routinely harvest information. All of them work fine in DT Pro and DEVONagent.

Thanks for your answer,

hope it will works better in the future
p-H T

That’s pretty much up to Apple. They’ve done a pretty good job with WebKit, which was very buggy in it’s first incarnations. It’s still buggy if a developer ‘turns on’ the Java and Javascript functions.

Or maybe you could use the firefox engine…?

No, Firefox would be pretty useless, as it doesn’t conform to the Cocoa standards. Little or no support for OS X Services, for example. The capture options in DT Pro and DEVONagent browsers wouldn’t be available if the Firefox engine were used.