Can't perform search from other computer

Hi everyone. Lot’s of work goin’on here. DEVONThink is great!
So, now I’m stuck on the search through internet, from a computer outside my home network. I’ve read the manual and saw the video tutorials, but couldn’t find a clear answer. Can you help on this? What should I do first? What should I write in Domain, inside Server options? In the video he talks about the need to provide IP adress, but where?

Thanks a lot on this.

To get your database broadcast out onto the Internet goes beyond what we can advise you here.

In essence, you would use or create a host for a web site You can’t do it with your .Mac account and many ISPs (internet service providers) frown on using their service to put your data out onto the Web (although it can be done).

You might start by doing a bit of research on how to send data out to the Internet. For example, start by choosing (in the Finder) Help > Mac OS X Help and searching for “apache”.

In DT Pro Office Help search for “bonjour”. Read about Preferences > Server.

Hi Bill.
But I do have my own domain, and a lot of space in it. Does it make it easy to explain this way? What kind of info would you need to help me on this?

Thanks a lot.