Can't register downloaded dt pro pb2


I’ve purchased devon think pro in august '08. Now I’ve downloaded pb2 but after some difficulties with upgrading (I had to delete the old version first), but at the end installing successfully the pb2, registration button stays pale when I’m inserting my Name, Organisation and License Code correctly. Do you have a helpful suggestion for me, how I can register my upgraded version?

Thanks for your help,

Your public beta copy will run without the need to register it, and will expire on the documented date, even if registered.

Here are the most common reasons for a registration attempt to fail:

  1. Wrong application: Example — A copy of DT Pro Office 2 has been downloaded, but the license code is for DT Pro (or vice versa). Both applications use the same name when launched (so that scripts don’t have to be changed). Check the application name by clicking on it in the menu bar, then select “About…”. The splash screen will display the full application name. If necessary, delete the installed application and download and install the correct application.

  2. Typo or change in license code information: The information in the license code email (Name, Organization (if any), License Code) must be entered EXACTLY into the corresponding fields in the registration panel. Copy/paste works. Any change will result in failure to register.

  3. Last field entered wasn’t initialized: Assuming that the license code information was entered correctly, the Register button still hasn’t become active. Press the Tab key. Now the Register button should become active so that you can finish.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, none of your suggestions works. I guess I have to wait until the beta version expires and hope that then my registration code will work.
Regards, sobe.