Can't retrieve Database password

After creating and using a Devonthink database, I decided to try the encription feature. I clicked on the lock and entered a password I often use. Because I did this fast, I probably didn’t type it well. Because there is no “confirm password” feature, I didn’t get to check the password entered.

Now, I can’t retrieve the data of my database. It is locked, and I can’t find the password (though I am sure of the username).

Is there a way to open the database file however ? with something like administrative privileges, or with a trick or something ? Thanks for helping.

I did find the solution. For any one interested, here is how it goes, more or less :

  1. Open Finder and find the file. Right click and choose “Show the content of packet” (wording may be approximative since I am translating from French).

  2. Open the file “Settings.plist” in your favorite text editor.

  3. Localize the lines :

(your password)
(your username)

Your set !

From the (English) help file:

In my opinion, this kind of password protection is like painting a lock on a door

Yes, password protection in DEVONthink is low-level security.

For a high level of security, store the database within an encrypted disk image with 128 or 256-bit encryption.

Of course, with high-level security, a forgotten password means that the data is lost. :slight_smile:

Can you tell me how to do this on a Mac?