Can't save pdf to DTTG

Can’t use share menu to save pdf to DTTG. (Same doc shares fine to other apps)

I made a video to demonstrate

your video starts at a point in time when I can not retrace your steps; and as you will see in the pictures below, I don’t seem to have the problem you are describing (so presumably our initial steps are different?)

As a workaround you could in the meantime try using the Copy to DEVONthink icon rather than the DEVONthink icon in the share sheet.

The video was so out of focus y that I couldn’t see anything.

Here’s what works for me on iOS/iPad with PDFs in e-mails:

  • select the attachment
  • click on the share icon in the upper right corner
  • in the pop-up, select DT icon
  • in the DT dialog (“Clip to DEVONthink”) select the database, group etc
  • finally, click on Done in the upper right corner.

Except for the position of the share icon, it works identically on the iPhone. Just out of curiosity, I tried ScanPro on the iPhone - same behavior.

May be you could describe what you’re doing before the “Clip to DEVONthink” dialog pops up.

You haven’t provided information about what application you’re attempting to share from.