Can't search text in docx files

I’m using the trial period to see if I want to buy and discovered that I was having a problem that has been posted by others previously: While DEVONthink would display the contents of my docx Microsoft Word files, it was not finding any text in those documents when I performed a search. Like other people who’ve reported this problem, if I re-saved a docx file as a doc or rtf file, DEVONthink could search and find text in them just fine (although of course I wouldn’t want to have to re-save hundreds of documents).

Although in searching these forums I found people reporting this problem, I’ve never seen a solution posted, just a couple suggestions and several “works when I search 'em”, which is useful in that we know it can work, but doesn’t help someone to make it work on their system. (It’s possible a solution was posted in a thread that I didn’t find – my Search Fu is weak, which is why I need DEVONthink!)

Finder and EasyFind both were able to see text in my docx files just fine – only DEVONthink had a problem.

While poking around various menus I accidentally found a solution that worked for me: Tools > Rebuild Database…

After rebuilding my database not only were all the docx files I had already imported or indexed searchable, but when I imported or indexed new docx files, they were fully searchable too.

So I decided to post this here in case someone else out there had the same problem. Hopefully this will work for them too!


Thanks for the tip, Chris. 8^)

Thanks for the tip, Chris. 8^)