Can't search

No doubt I am doing something elementary in the wrong way. But, having cut and pasted various items from the web (into Rich Text documents) when I click in the search box, something like 99% of the time I get “Search No Items Found.” I mean I have a document named ‘Kuwait’ that is all about Kuwait, but if I search for ‘Kuwait’ I get No Items Found.

This CAN’T be right, but I have read the documentation and I can’t see what I am doing wrong.

I’d be grateful for advice.


One mistake I sometimes make:

You may be doing “case sensitive” search and writing lower case “kuwait”. What search options are you using?

I have options set for the full search window, but none set (where would that be?) for the search window.


I think what you are looking for is clicking the magnifier at the beginning of the search box on the main database window. What is written in that box when empty? What a zen sentence! :wink:

Thanks for the advice. That DOES help. But it is still eccentric. Turk and Türk aren’t the same (should that not be an option? Should I do T*rk?) but in a phrase Türk-Islâm DT doesn’t find it until I have typed Türk-I, then it finds it. But neither Türk nor Türk- finds that word.

I guess now I’m not confident that every word is being picked up, which is now what I want in a snippet-holder.


I created the following text document:

“a;klifd a;sodifj asdiofjk a;sldkfja;sidro;wiejr f
bklasdjf laskdjf as;dlkfj as;dlkfj asdl;fkj asdf”

Searching for türk finds the document in normal search. Searching for turk finds the document in fuzzy search. So I can not reproduce your problem.

Do you get too many results for your search? May be the document is way below the results and only come up when you write “Türk-I”.

Actually I have many Turkish documents in my database and usually don’t bother with characters. Just do a fuzzy search with my English keyboard.

Thanks for your help.