can't see text in split view mode

In my first evening playing around with this app…

I have set DT Pro 1.01 to Horizontal Split view in the image below, and selected the file “test.” Shouldn’t I see the contents of “test” in the pane below? I have opened it in a new window, also shown in the image, so you can see the file does indeed have text in it.

This happens with many of the files in the database. Often, resizing the window makes the text appear. Happens with plain text and RTF.

Running 10.4.2

Any ideas? Thanks. [/img]

and it’s annoying.

I’ve never seen that particular behavior, and cannot replicate it. I don’t believe any other user has reported it.

Have you installed any haxies that modify the operating system’s appearance or behavior? They can cause strange and unpredictable glitches and memory conflicts.

What happens if you switch to the Vertical Split View?

Personally, I prefer the Vertical Split view. My eyes “scan” the deeper and narrower text pane more naturally. And I can emulate the “outline” intent of the Horizontal Split view by opening a writing project group in its own window. I’ve also sized the windows so that the Info panel appears “attached” to the view window, to its right, and is always present. That’s convenient for making notes and comments in the Info panel’s Comment field. Also convenient for a one-click launch by Path or URL.

By the way, the current version of DT Pro is 1.0.2 and version 1.1 should appear about the end of this month. Each incremental upgrade provides improvements and new features.

V1.0.2 might fix this. Otherwise please check if anything related to DT Pro has been logged to the console (see /Applications/Utilities/ Thanks!

I can’t reproduce it at the moment…

here’s the only stuff in the Console from around that time:

Mar 18 22:19:47 G5 diskarbitrationd[36]: DevonBackgroundServer [681]:11555 not responding.
Mar 18 22:19:47 G5 diskarbitrationd[36]: DEVONthink Pro [680]:19479 not responding.

I will continue to look for this to happen again, and check the Console. And yes, I updated to 1.02 when it became available.

There’s a very rare bug in V1.0.2 which could cause this but usually closing the window and opening a new one should fix the problem.

  • I happen to be in Vertical Split mode, thank you.
  • No haxies.
  • Nothing in console to report.
  • Clicking on a different item and then clicking back to the original item does make the contents pop into view.