Can't select destination backup

I’ve got 2 quick backup questions:

Backup question #1: I’m “dimmed out”
I’m tweaking my DT Preference… specifically the “Backup & Optimize” section, but the [Select…] submit button is grayed. I can’t specify a destination for my backup files.

Can you help me “ungray” the [Select…] submit button? (I’m using the latest DT version 1.1.1)

Backup question #2: Should I select “external files too”?
Do you recommend selecting to backup “external files too”? Should I assume since the option is NOT checked, you don’t?

I apologize in advance if this has been answered before in this forum… if it has, I’d appreciate if you can point me in the right direction.

Those options are not yet implemented and therefore disabled.


… Then can you point me in the right direction to save the last 3 backups to CD or DVD?

Just burn the whole database package, that should be fine.

Thank you.

I suggest archiveing/zipping it first. Saves lots of space. And it’s necessary for anyone wanting to back up to iDisk.