Can't select text in markdown preview mode

This might sound daft, but for some reason I can no longer (or perhaps never could) select text in markdown preview mode. I can do so fine in edit, but either I am misremembering what I could do until recently, I’ve changed some setting to make it no longer possible, or I’m doing something wrong, but it’s frustrating when trying to copy something from a document in markdown preview mode. Any thoughts gratefully received.

Which macOS & DEVONthink version do you use? Do you use your own stylesheets for Markdown rendering?

I’m using DT 3.9.4 and macOS 14.1.2 (23B92). I haven’t knowingly installed my own stylesheet for markdown rendering.

Note: the current version of macOS Sonoma is 14.2.1. You should stay current with the operating system and our point releases, especially with how buggy Sonoma is.

Thanks, Jim @BLUEFROG and Christian @cgrunenberg; installing the latest Sonoma seems to have fixed things. Many thanks again.

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Excellent and you’re welcome :slight_smile: