Can't Sync DTG on my iPhone 4 w/iOS5

Sync is working fine with my iPad. Everytime I try on the iPhone I select the proper machine on my home network and… absolutely nothing happens.

I have ‘reset’ sync settings in the app itself, as well as under Settings > Apps >Devonthink. I also deleted the entire app from my phone and re-downloaded.

UPDATE: I also received an error message that, “Bonjour was unable to find computers”.

Anyone ???

This may or many not give us any more useful information, but could you try downloading Bonjour Browser from, running it on your Mac, and posting a screenshot or a list with the services it shows?

Also, have you successfully synced with the iPhone before?

You could also try creating a local WiFi network on your Mac. To do that, in your Mac’s menubar click on the network icon (WiFi) and choose ‘Create Network’. That will create a network with your Mac’s Name, not connected to the Internet.

In Settings on your iOS device select the new network and try Sync in DTTG. If that doesn’t work, try the additional step of temporarily disabling the Mac’s firewall, in System Preferences.

I tried turning off my firewall first, and I can now sync. Thank you.

So using Bonjour Browser I would like to make sure the right IP address is used and port is open. I see several options (see screenshot). Which one should I use?