Can't sync iPad

I have two iPads which I’d like to keep in sync with a Mac, both with DT2G. On one of them everything works, on the other older one (which I hadn’t used for a while), sync fails. I have bonjour set up on the Mac, not on the iPads. I deleted the Bonjour setup from the iPad, but when I try to enable it again (the Mac shows up properly), and enter the pairing code, nothing happens. The dialog window closes, and I’m left with no connection. Have retried all restart/power-up combinations, I think - always the same: it sees the Mac, asks for Bonjour code, and then the setup ends. All OS & DT s/w are the latest official versions.

Is there anything I can do to clear up this issue?

Have you relaunched DEVONthink?

Have you rebooted the devices - Mac and mobile?

Yes to all.

Aahhhh… silly me. PEBKAC!
Have been entering the port number instead of my password.
All is well now. Apologies for the noise.

No worries. Cheers!