Can't unlock a single file

Exploring the Information Window, I locked and unlocked an rtf file. The padlock icon changed color, but I am unable to edit the document in DT3, no matter what I do. However I can edit it in Nisus. How can I unlock this file in DT3.

If you are referring to Nisus Writer files, they are not editable in DEVONthink.

I’ve been passing files back and forth between DEVONthink Pro and Nisus Writer Pro from the beginning.

ztrf is a compressed rtf file. The normal file format saved by Nisus is rtf. I’ve tested the rtf files of other word processors and found that Nisus’s rtf is the most compatible:

“a Nisus Compressed Rich Text (a gzipped RTF) file to save space, with the extension “.zrtf”. This reduces the size of files that Nisus Writer Pro saves. No other application understands this format, but it reduces file size by a large amount. You can rename a file from “FileName.zrtf” to “” and the Finder will expand the file into a normal RTF file.”