Capture hotkey?


Is there a capture hotkey that will import an entire webpage from Safari (or other) into a predefined folder?

This is a feature that EagleFiler has that I use constantly (and I think the only feature that is keeping me from switching over.)

Basically, I tend to “collect” a bunch of pages, then later sort those. It’s much handier than dragging things into a shelf IMO, especially since you have the auto-categorizer features.


Certainly. In Safari or in the DEVONthink browser you can select all or a portion of a displayed Web page as a rich text note - keyboard shortcut is Command-) - or as a WebArchive - keyboard shortcut is Command-%.

Where will the new content be saved? That depend on your choice in Preferences > Import - Destination. You can choose to have new content brought in by Services or scripts saved to the Global Inbox, or to the Inbox of the frontmost open database, or you can choose ‘Select group’ and directly save it to any group in any open database.

There are a number of other capture options. See the Bookmarklets at

Check out the contextual menu options for capturing data from the Web in the contextual menu options of the DEVONthink browser.

And that’s not all of the possibilities.

Thanks Bill!

It turns out there was a contention for the cmd-% hotkey between eagle filer and devonthink. Now I can get on to converting my database over :slight_smile: