Capture HTML page from URL?

Right now to capture a web page in DEVONThink, I have to do the following:

  1. Copy the URL from OmniWeb
  2. Create a new link in DT.
  3. Launch the link
  4. Click the “capture” button.
  5. Delete the link.

Is there anyway I can do the same thing in one or two steps?


The way I handle this is to click up in the address bar – this selects the whole address – and use the services menu command to save directly to DT.

Of course I still have to capture the page once I am in DT. Not perfect, but better. :wink:

Of course, the best ergonomics result from viewing Web pages using DT’s built-in Web browser.

While viewing a page you wish to capture:

  1. Control-Click, select Capture Page.

That’s it.

You can copy the bookmarks from your Web browsers into DEVONthink by selecting File > Import > Bookmarks / Camino / Firefox / OmniWeb / Safari

I’ve got bookmarks in DT for dozens of Web sites that I scan on a daily basis – scientific journals, science news sites, etc. Whenever I see anything interesting, I do either Capture Note or Capture Page. I typically add 50 to 100 new items to my database daily.

Most of the time, I select just the text and images that I want to keep and choose the Capture Note option – unless the page contains tabular information, in which case I choose Capture Page.

OmniWeb will let you capture selected text/images to DEVONthink in one step, using Services.

I experimented with using OmniWeb’s View > Redisplay in Browser feature, which displays the source code for a page. I selected all text and used Services to send this as rich text to DEVONthink. That works, but there’s currently no option to display this as a Web page. I had to create a new HTML page in DT, choose Page Edit, then copy the source code into that note. Too many steps.

But if you have DEVONagent, here’s a two-step process:

  1. While viewing the page in OmniWeb, select the URL and choose OmniWeb > Services > DEVONagent > Open URL. (This opens the page in DEVONagent.)

  2. In DEVONagent, choose Data > Add To DEVONthink / HTML page. DA also offers other options, including a selection, the URL only (bookmark), or a PDF copy transferred into DEVONthink.

So DEVONagent is a very efficient (one-step) browser for transferring pages or notes to DEVONthink – especially if you are selecting search hits to go into your database.

Actually, if DEVONagent could store bookmarks, I might seriously consider using it as my primary browser. I already use it as my browser for news feeds (RSS), which Safari can’t handle yet.

What do you mean by “save directly to DT” ?
In my service menu, I can take rich or plain note of a webpage, but I cannot send it in DT as a webpage…

Is there anyway to directly open a URL in DT’s web browser? I can’t find any way to do this. The “launch URL” command doesn’t seem to work from the clipboard. Am I missing something?

The hint about creating a clipping in DT from the URL address field is helpful - but it would be even better if I could just drag and drop the URL onto DT’s dock icon to open the link in a new browser window inside DT.

The way I’m implementing frankns’ hint is to select the URL field and then choosing “create plain note” from the Services menu. This directly creates a link in DT, which can then be opened. However, I’d rather directly take a snapshot, since I’m often offline and pages disappear - so I’d like to have the information stored in DT - not just a link.

See my post in the topic “enter an URL without creating a link”

Also, my post about the Add page from Safari script.

Right now I’m running a beta of DEVONagent. I can’t remember whether the current public release version has this feature, but the beta does: Select File > Import > Camino bookmarks/Firefox bookmarks/OmniWeb bookmarks/Safari bookmarks/Safari History.

Somewhere in the forum I’ve posted a tip on how to import Firefox bookmarks for a version of DEVONagent that doesn’t have the import feature noted above. A search for Firefox should find that tip.

Hope this helps.

The public version has that as well (though these menu items always seem grey), but what good is a browser that won’t let me create bookmarks while browsing? The only solution I see is to send a link to DT, switch to DT, and put it in the right place - but then I cannot access that link from DA any more.

It is a bit frustrating to have both DA and DT, each of which has 95% of the features of a good browser and lots of nice other features, and yet have to use Safari for browsing because the missing 5% are so essential.

Same could be said about NetNewsWire. But it has tabs. :slight_smile:

When developers use embedded WebKit browsing in their apps they’ll get more requests to add traditional web browsing features.

A few days ago Eric mentioned:

We just think that the integrated browser in DT is more like an add-on than a full-blown browser. That’s what DA is for.

Maybe bookmarks will eventually find their way into DA?

On a larger scale it’s unfortunate there’s stilll no general consensus on a standard bookmark format (based on a functional superset of what’s be around for awhile now), with an open API for developers. You’d think a lesson could have been learned from the troubles we still sometimes go through (e.g. the import/export game) because of the lack of a common standard for contact/address data. Seems to me there’s an analogy there somewhere for that kind of information.

I agree that DA is closer to a browser than DT. It even uses the Safari bookmarks, so why won’t it let me add to them?

Maybe because while Safari is running no other apps are expected to modify its bookmarks file. Technically, there might be a safe way to do it with file locking; a knowledgeable developer could know for sure.

Again, we wouldn’t have this nonsense if web browser developers could agree on a unified bookmark format and provide an API. It’s not really a technically challenging problem so I suspect the obstacles are mostly “political”. People closer to the web development community would have more background and insight about that than I do.

The bookmark file can be changed while Safari is running, I do this all the time (through file synchronization with Unison). I would expect problems though it both Safari and someone else wrote to the file at the same time.

While I agree that a well-defined API would be the best solution, its absence is hardly an excuse for making DA a crippled browser. The two reasonable options (which could be selectable through preferences) are to ignore conflicts and tell people not to run Safari parallel (this would be appropriate for those who declare DA their primary browser), or make DA use a different bookmark file (ideally in the same format).

While viewing a page where? In DEVONThink or in one’s web browser? The manual isn’t clear about this either! In OmniWeb or other browser the contextual menu doesn’t list anything associated with DT.[/b]

While viewing a Web page using DT’s built-in Web browser, Ctrl-Click offers the options Capture Page or Capture Note. DEVONagent offers similar contextual menu options.

If you are using DT 1.9.3 under at least OS X 10.3.9 and the above procedures, page captures are now WebArchives that include the page’s images. WebArchives are not available using Csmino or Firefox. A future version of OmniWeb will likely provide the ability to save pages as WebArchives, but may not provide the contextual menu options described above.

Okay, but I actually wish to use Safari as my browser, not DevonThink.

For me, DevonThink is for collecting and storing information, while I use other, more specialized applications like NewsNetWire and Safari for Information surfing and gathering.

Right now, the only way to capture an URL directly out of Safari is the complicated and roundabout way as described in the first post. I mean, you can’t even drag and drop an URL simply onto the DevonThink icon in the dock (I know, you can drag URLs into DevonThink’s window, but for that I have to get DT’s window to the front via Expose, which again seems very roundabout.).

I really think Webcapturing should be at least added to the Service menu, and DT’s icon should be able to accept Drag & Drops.

In any case, are there applescripts available to do this more simply, and where could I find them?

Yes. Exactly. Why is this so difficult?

I have just started using the Pro version and I like the script for Add Page from Safari. However, is it possible to modify this script so it captures the page from Safari (I would prefer having the web page in archive format over HTML)?
Also, has anyone made a bookmarklet for Safari for adding the pages from Safari? I would prefer to press one button and have it send the page to DT. I know I can do this with Ecto.

There seems to be a new forum for scripting DT Pro. I have started a thread there: … php?p=7777