Capture Page from URL

I frequently find a web page when browsing in Firefox that I want archived in DTpro. I copy the URL into the clipboard, switch to DTpro, create a new Link note, Get Info on it & paste in the URL, then go back to the Link note, right-click on it, and select Capture Page. Finally I delete the original Link note.

I’d love to be able to do this in far fewer steps. Can you add a “Capture Page from URL” command to DTpro that prompts for the URL and then saves the captures page with its default title as the filename (as Capture Page currently does)?

Of course, if there’s an easier way to do what I’m asking about right now, I’d be happy to be told! :slight_smile:

Why don’t you simply select the URL and drag it as text clipping over to DEVONthink? Have you tried to use the Bookmarklets that come with DEVONthink Pro?

Drag and drop works okay, but it doesn’t set the note title to the page title (it sets it to the URL, which is far less useful). It does allow me to place the note into the active group, though. This can also be a little bit of a pain when you have many windows open.

The bookmarklets work okay too, but put the created note in the top group, not in the active group. It does correctly name the new note, though.

Unfortunately, Firefox doesn’t provide all the metadata needed for this. If you use Safari, the title is set correctly. Please feel free to contact the Firefox team to improve their Mac OS X integration. At the moment, there is not much else we can do about it.


Whatever other nice features Firefox has, it’s a dreadfully inefficient vehicle for capturing information from the Web to your database.

Because Firefox lack compatibiity with OS X Services and is weak for scripting it cannot provide the options of file type captures to the database, nor the ergonomic ease of captures.

Compare the options and ease of capture in the DEVONagent and DT Pro browsers. For significant browsing and capture work these two are much more productive than Firefox, making your work go much faster and easier.

Safari has good Services compatibility and there are scripts that provide other capture modes than rich text. But DEVONagent is the default browser on my computers.

But the title for a web page is embedded right in its HTML file. If DTpro is capturing a URL sent to it from Firefox, shouldn’t DTpro be able to pull the proper title from the HTML page, even if Firefox doesn’t send the title string?

DT doesn’t have to access to the HTML source if you’re only adding a bookmark via drag & drop.

But I’m having DTpro capture the page via the “archive” bookmarklet…

Hi, Daryl. That doesn’t make any difference. Firefox can’t ‘reveal’ the page name.