Capture PDF from any application window

Can someone give me a hand on some applescript code to access the PDF print menu and then save a pdf printout from any application right into DTP. I’d like to make this script a Quicksilver trigger so I can have a keyboard shortcut to quickly capture anything to a PDF in DTP. Thanks.

As such a script requires system events, it’s really hard to implement this for all applications & all localizations. But maybe I’m wrong…

I would be very surprised if you were wrong Christian. do you know if this could be performed from the terminal? There must be some sneaky way to access the PDF kit. Thanks.

You may want to install this: CUPS-PDF to print directly to a file and then import the contents. Then you could just use the AppleScript “print” command and it is supported by most applications.

you might want to check my script that uses cups-pdf for devonthink. It could be hacked up pretty easily to use in most programs. Since I decided to temporarily change the default printer in my code, it actually will probably work better than scripting the pirnt command manually.

It’s posted here, I’m happy for feedback on it… … php?t=2817