Capture selected text

The release notes for DTTG version 3.3 describe a new capture command in this way

  • Added Set Name As and Capture commands to the editing menu for selected text in text, RTF(D), PDF, and HTML documents as well as formatted notes.

The capture command seems to have no effect? I’m annotating a PDF file in DTTG and after I select text and click capture, nothing happens. I checked in the smart group for all files, sorted by creation date, and found no new files that capture the selected text.

EDIT: after closing the app and restarting, it seems to be working in an intuitive way again. false alarm, perhaps, but leaving this in case anyone else experiences this too.

I would like to request that when capturing text excerpts from a PDF into a new text document, I would like the URL field to capture the item link of the parent PDF document. Currently it just copies the same URL as the parent, even if the parent PDF is empty.

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No promises but the request is noted.

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