Capture the Current Page as PDF-Where does it go?

I’ve logged into my investments website inside the DTPO2 interface. I’m then able to view my statements (it opens in a new window in DTPO). It’s a PDF file and I click “Capture the Current Page as PDF”, but I don’t see where it ends up. It’s not in the InBox, or the Current folder I’m in, meaning the one I launched the URL from. I do have the option to Save to my local drive, but would think the workflow would be better if everything was kept inside of DTPO. Am I missing something, or is there a better way? Capture the current page as Web Archive “seems” to work, it goes to the inbox, BUT when I close DTPO and try to view it, it won’t open because it’s looking for a password/login to the secure web site. Once I re-login to the web site, I can view the web archive which looks like a PDF, but is only 1.7kb in size, so I’m guessing it’s just a link to the server.

I want it a static PDF without the hassle of saving to my desktop and manually importing. Is that a limitation due to the fact that I’m trying to save a secured PDF? When I’m away from an Internet connection I won’t be able to view the document unless it’s a PDF.


I also tried clicking on the Print this Document button and selected Save PDF in DevonThink Pro and it went through the motions as if it was printing, but I can’t find the document. I didn’t give me the dialogue box to choose a database or folder. Is this because I’m printing inside of DTPO?

One more followup. This works.

Print (inside DTPO), Choose Open PDF in Preview, THEN choose Save PDF to DevonThink Pro and it puts it in the Inbox. Any more streamlined ways around this workflow?


It should be in the current group if you’re using a “main” window. But if you’ve opened the URL in a separate “document” window, then it’s added to the inbox of the database.

Is the lower window the Document window? If so, clicking on the Send to PDF icon, nothing goes to my inbox. Inbox before is 18, after clicking is 18, folder where link originated is 33 before clicking on Send to PDF and is 33 after clicking there.

Any other ideas?

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Try doing a search for known content in a page you captured as PDF. Then you will be able to tell where it was stored, which could vary depending on your Preferences > Import - Destination settings and other factors.

That’s the good old experimental method. :slight_smile:

Better search options than: All/Database/Prefix

I copied a word from the PDF (cmd-c), pressed the PDF button as shown in the previous post of mine, pressed cmd-v in the search field of DTPO and it came up with previously saved documents that had that random word I choose to copy, but not the document I’m trying to save. I’m even sorting by Created/Added/Modified respectively in the search results and there is nothing from today.

Again, is it because it’s an otherwise locked file (requires login to view, which I’ve entered the correct login/password) that DTPO won’t save it? Or is it a bug in the beta yet to be squished? Or some other reason I’m overlooking?

Eureka! Now we’ve got some information, although perhaps a little more would be useful.

There are now (at least( two possible situations:

1( You have accessed a site that requires login. Many such sites, especially secure sites such as bank sites, will not allow capture of a page via any mechanism that passes the URL of the page to a procedure that then downloads the page being viewed. The ‘second access’ is blocked, or perhaps one simply captures the login page.

The answer in such a case is either to a) select, then capture the displayed page as a text file. If you are using a Cocoa browser such as Safari, you can capture a rich text file including selected text and images by invoking the Command-) shortcut. Or b) press Command-P to open the Print panel, click on the PDF button, then choose ‘Save PDF in DEVONthink Pro’, which will capture a paginated PDF of the page into your database.

  1. You are displaying an encrypted PDF that presents problems for capture. For example, if it is copy and print protected, the ‘print as PDF’ trick won’t work. After a failed capture attempt, look at the Log (Window > Log) to see if a report was made.

My guess is that you have encountered situation 1). Display your page, press Command-P to invoke the Print panel, click on the PDF button, then choose Save as PDF in DEVONthink Pro. Does that get the job done?

Thank you for your feedback. All of your questions are already addressed in the beginning of the thread. I think this workflow requires me to view in Preview, then Print to DTPO as stated in this post: Sat Jun 13, 2009 8:53 pm.

It doesn’t sound like Capture Current Page as PDF is working for this document (or it’s not working in b5). Again, I can print it and save it locally, I just want to do this in DTPO, keeping the workflow inside of DTPO. But it doesn’t look like this an option.


The capture as PDF does work usually in pb5, but on your secure financial site it doesn’t work for the reason I noted above.

You can print as PDF directly to your database using the approach I noted previously, with the ‘Save PDF in DEVONthink Pro’ option, without saving to the Finder and importing the PDF into your database.

If you can use the ‘Save As’ command from your browser, you can save directly to your Global Inbox by choosing ‘Inbox’ as the destination in the Save dialog. Again, this does not require saving to, e.g., the Desktop and subsequently importing into DT Pro. Unless the page being viewed is a PDF file – in which case you will capture as PDF – the capture will be as WebArchive. But a secure site may or may not allow this.

I routinely capture as rich text or PDF from secure financial sites directly to DT Pro Office 2. Unless an encrypted PDF that prevents printing is being displayed, the sequence Command-P, click on ‘PDF’ button, click on ‘Save PDF in DEVONthink Pro’ will work. And if you have set Preferences > Import - Destination to ‘Select group’ you can choose the destination in any open database.

Thanks. I’m not getting it to work for me. Viewing the page directly in FF it prompts to save, in Safari it won’t let me save from the print dialog. That must be my issue. Viewing it in DTPO just wasn’t giving me the error message like Safari was when trying to save via Print.

From Safari 3