Capture Web Archive Problem

Google Groups:

Frames, navbar on L, 10 messages from group on R.

Right click on R frame, capture web archive. Look at the archive, only the 10 messages are there, as it should be. But…

Google’s navbar is broken. When I click to the “next” group, it loads the same 10 messages but automatically focuses on #3 or #5, instead of the top of the page. (As if a named anchor link had been clicked.)

This problem is carried over to the web archive. Every time I click on on one, it scrolls halfway down the page for no apparent reason.

I cannot get Devonthink to stop doing this. There has to be a way to overide this behavior.

That’s probably a consequence of basic flaws of web archives the way Safari introduced them. Dynamic contents created by JavaScript can cause all kinds of issues, maybe including this one or display glitches like duplicate banners etc.

However, I can’t reproduce the problem - could you send me a URL or the captured web archive? Thanks.